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Kratom Powder Sample Pack For Sale Online


Our sample pack is combination of all of our best-selling, premium blends.


Your Sample Pack Will Include:

  • Green Maeng Da (1oz)
  • Green Malay (1oz)
  • Superior Red Dragon (1oz)
  • Red Bali (1oz)
  • White Horned Leaf (1oz)

Are you new to kratom or seeking a different type? You can compare strains using our Kratom Powder Sample Pack to find your new favorite. Each of our kratom sample pack selections focuses on a different theme, such as strength, potency, etc.

Our five strain sample packs are customizable. They are a wonderful way to get familiarized with multiple strains.


With this incredible kratom samples deal, you can try five of our most popular powder variants in one convenient bundle. You will receive the following items for a very reasonable price:

Green Maeng Da (1oz)

Green Malay (1oz)

Superior Red Dragon (1oz)

Red Bali (1oz)

White Horned Leaf (1oz)


Do you want to experience all of our unique Kratom strains at a reduced price? Our Kratom Sample Pack includes big 1oz servings of each of our five distinct kratom strains, allowing you to sample and appreciate a full assortment.


Our sample box contains nothing but all-natural premium kratom of the greatest quality, whether you’re exploring the traditional effects of White Horned Leaf, or the infamous Green Maeng Da.

We go to considerable lengths to assure that all of our Kratom products are:

Sourced ethically


Contain no additions, chemicals, or filler ingredients. Preserved with freshness with careful packaging.


*If you would like something different in your sample pack, please leave the strains that you would like to purchase in the order notes located at the bottom of the same page as your Shopping Cart, and we will be happy to swap them out for you.

Kratom Powder Sample Pack

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